For Contributors

We appreciate all contributions to gwf, not just contributions to the code! Think something is missing from the documentation? Defined useful snippets for your text editor? Add it and submit a pull request!

Set Up a Development Environment

We recommend that you set up a separate environment for gwf development, for example with venv or Conda.

Make Your Changes

  1. Fork the repository, clone it and create a branch for your changes:

    git checkout -b my-change
  2. Make the necessary changes and add unit tests if necessary.

  3. Add a description of the changes to CHANGELOG.rst and add yourself to CONTRIBUTORS.rst (if you’re not already there).

  4. Test your changes and check for style violations:

    make init      # to install gwf for development
    gwf ...        # test your changes by running gwf
    make lint      # to check for style issues
    make test      # to run tests
    make coverage  # to check test coverage
  5. If everything is alright, commit your changes:

    git add .
    git commit -m "Added some-feature"

Show Us Your Contribution!

  1. Push your committed changes back to your fork on GitHub:

    git push origin HEAD
  2. Follow these steps to create a pull request.

  3. Check for comments and suggestions on your pull request and keep an eye on the CI output.